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The Weeknd Secret Gig

A mixed bag of people turned out to see the mysterious Toronto crooner in London at a secret gig on Sunday.  The Weeknd released his debut album 'Trilogy' earlier this month and performed highly anticipated tracks from the album proving that he can send the audience into a frenzy with a single ' ooh woooahhh.' 

The question is, can The Weeknd maintain his underground following with his credibility seeping into the mainstream?

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The Weeknd ft Drake- The Zone

As if you needed reminding, the mysterious crooner will be releasing his debut album Triology on November 13th but you can pre-order the album here

Rihanna Reveals Snippets from ‘Unapologetic’

She really has nothing to be apologetic about with this album. There’s a lot more variation on Unapologetic from the old-school uptempo R&B collaboration with Chris Brown 'Nobody's Business' to the drum and base ‘Jump’ in which she samples Genuwine’s 'Pony' making this less formulaic than your standard pop album.

Emeli Sande also lent her expertise by penning the track 'Half Of it.' Sande spoke of RiRi’s emotional connection to the song when the pair met in LA, "She said, ‘I don’t know what you have been through but you are a poet and this song has really moved me."

You can really hear the sincerity in the slower tracks; she’s taken a risk with the mix of genres on this album but it actually, surprisingly, pays off  because it doesnt feel forced. This is Rihanna’s seventh studio album and she will be touring seven countries in seven days as part of her '777' tour- she wasn’t playing when she said "that Rihanna reign just wont let up."

Check out the snippets here

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Nicki Minaj ft Casssie - The Boys

Here we have Elro performing his exclusive freestyle for Flava TV If you want to see more from the Welsh rapper then  us up @FlavaTV and request his videos.

Rapper, producer and songwriter Dot Rotten performed his freestyle exclusively for Flava TV. If you want to see more from hit us up @FlavaTV and request his videos.

R Kelly: Trapped In The Closet Saga Continues

The hip-hopera is not over yet. Yes there might have been fighting midgets, preachers, nosey neighbours and shoot outs in the last 22 chapters but there’s another 20 still to come!

In an interview with TIME Magazine the  R&B Crooner commented, “Trapped in the Closet is forever. I’ve got like a hundred chapters to come.” 

US cable channel IFC  will premiere the new series on 23rd November for a 20-episode run. Kelly, talking about himself in the third person, also spoke about his new upcoming album Black Panties: "Make no mistake about it, R. Kelly is not going anywhere, it’s just that R. Kelly has such a unique talent, and I’ve been blessed to be able to do all type of genres of music."

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Not one to be left out @OfficialKozzi  performed his exclusive freestyle for FLAVA TV, check it out! 

Beyonce to perform Half-time Show at Superbowl 2013 ?


Now if the picture above isn’t a clear indication that Beyonce will be doing the half-time performance at  the US 2013 Superbowl then we don’t know what is! Perhaps with the drama over Janet Jackson’"wardrobe malfunction" (honestly who wears that sort of thing over their nipples?) and M.I.A’s middle finger incident this year the organisers probably wanted to  avoid any more controversy and who better than Anti-controversy Queen Beyonce…

If you want to see more of Bey on your telly then get requesting @flavtv

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